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This site is funded solely through advertisements placed within the site. This includes the businesses and organizations located throughout the Nokomis
area and beyond. Please take this opportunity to read through the selections available to your business or organization. What better way to get your
business or organization recognized than to place an advertisement on todays most-used reference, the world wide web. If you are interested, please
read through the information below.

Want your ad on NokomisOnline™?

Thank you for your interest in our site.  Our most popular type of ad is our "banner-style" and our "business card" ad spaces.  (click here for examples)  
These types of spaces are available at a monthly or weekly rate and are available on the NokomisOnline™ home page and our local news page, two of
the highest viewed pages on our site.  These ad's will be shown for your choice of either one month or one week at a cost of $17.99 per month or $7.79
per week.  A one-page microsite ad, which is proven to get your business or organization noticed, will cost you $395.88 per year, or $32.99/month.  
There will be a one time only initial setup fee of $29.99 for the one-page microsite ad only.  

Want your own personal website?

We also have website design available for anyone who would like to create a personal website for their business or organization. Our rates are $20.00
per month maintenance fee within our site (www.nokomisonline.com/
yourbusinessname) or $24.50 per month maintenance fee for a site containing
your own personal domain name (www.
yourbusinessname.com). There will be a one time only initial setup fee for this service. Fee will vary depending
on the size and content you would like.  (If you would like to see what we can do, visit

Who sees NokomisOnline™?

Within a small amount of time, NokomisOnline™ has grown to be very popular, especially with reaching out to a larger, more diverse audience including
people outside of our area. On average, the website generates 5,650 hits per month, and this number continues to keep growing. This means that your
ad will be seen by over 5,600 people per month as long as your ad space exists within our site.

What can I include in my ad?

With a small ad, you can only put a business cards worth of information inside of your ad space, which is sometimes enough. However, with a full page
ad, you can put virtually anything into your ad space. A few examples are: pictures of staff and/or building, personal website links, e-mail address(es).
These examples are proven to draw the attention of viewers to your ad.
(click here for examples)


If you are interested in purchasing any of these ad options for your business or organization, have any questions or would like to receive more
information, please send us an e-mail at
Phone us at (217) 563-2178
You can reach us by US mail at
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Nokomis, Illinois  62075

Again, thank you for your interest in our website and together, we will make Nokomis business strong!