Downtown Nokomis...

an important community symbol

Downtown Nokomis is the traditional center of government, finance, commercial activity, and
civic life. The value of downtown to the entire community is more than just symbolic.

Everyone - not just downtown business and property owners, but every segment of the
community - has a real stake in the economic health of the downtown.

The concept of community ownership is an important principle in our comprehensive approach
to downtown revitalization.

Downtown Nokomis has set the boundaries for what we consider to be our "historic district". Our
next step is to develop a customized detailed plan of work to start the revitalization process for
Downtown Nokomis.

We are asking you to join in the revitalization process of Downtown Nokomis. Needed are both
investments of dollars and of time. Will you help us?

The start up period for a typical Main Street program is 3 years. We are working on a three-year
horizon and would hope that you could make a three year commitment.