What do we plan to do?

The Downtown Nokomis Association is working with a philosophy of historic preservation with a
proven comprehensive approach to downtown commercial district revitalization through a proven
four-point approach and a group of people who ascribe to this philosophy.

Point 1:
Organization builds a well-represented framework, provides stability and continuity to maintain a
long-term effort. Good people work in Downtown Nokomis.  We are committed to increasing the
number of downtown job opportunities.

Point 2:
Promotion creates excitement downtown. Nokomis will begin to see an increase in downtown
events. The goal is to increase the number and to improve the events the community finds
familiar.  In the process, we plan to hold events that will increase the sales of the downtown

Point 3:
Design enhances the attractiveness of the business district. Downtown Nokomis has a great
architectural heritage - we will preserve and improve that heritage, appropriately increasing
property values in the Historic District.

Point 4:
Economic Restructuring studies the current economic condition and identifies and creates
opportunities for market growth. Our group will help find new economic uses for traditional
buildings. We will identify and work with others to help develop financial incentives and capital
for rehabilitation and will monitor economic performance of the district.