What is the Nokomis Advantage?
More affordable
Cost of living- The average rental unit in Nokomis is $306/mo., average house for sale in Nokomis
lists at $67,600.

Less Crime- U.S. average number of crimes committed is 327.2, Nokomis average is 187.1

Excellent School System- Nokomis Community Unit School District #22 is one of the states top
school districts receiving the states 'Spotlight Schools' award and has an ACT composite score of
20.1, well above the state average and one of the highest scores in the State of Illinois.  The Nokomis
School District also boasts one of the highest graduation rates among the nation.  
Nokomis also has a parochial school.  The St. Louis Catholic School is one of the nations top Catholic
schools with an ACT composite score of 23.2.

More fun
Excellent Parks & Recreational Facilities- Nokomis is home to some of the best parks in all of
Illinois.  With a population lingering around 3,000, Nokomis is home to four parks, one of the highest
number of parks per population in all of Illinois.  The Nokomis Park District operates and maintains
Nokomis Memorial Park, Nokomis City Park, Shane Cole Memorial Park and the Gold Star Park.  The
Park District is also in charge of the yearly operations and maintenance of the public swimming pool
located in Memorial Park.

Stay tuned... more to come...